Another test

Again a blog client. This time it’s the gnome side of life. It is called gnome-blog. Ralf, one of the few persons reading this, will enjoy it.

It supports media, drag & drop. Here the screenshot from before:

Ok, the picture does not apper in the blog. That’s a pity.


There are some not browser-based blog editor for Linux out there. I am writing this text with kblogger right now. I hope the synchronization works.


Read the ubuntu propaganda! This is the first Ubuntu romantic shool comedy manga:

Download the manga: ubunchu-episode-01

Also, there are only 19 day to wait, untill the new 9.04 version of ubuntu will be released.

Some figures from IPCC

Something I found on the IPCC homepage.

Backup manager

This one is intended for thouse of you, who have partitions mounted over nfs and want to backup them locally, using the package backup manager. You may encouter a problem to get acess permission to the nfs mounted directory as local root user. Backup manager is run with root rights. To overcome the problem, you can set the no_root_squash flag in /etc/exports on the server. Now you can have the root rights on the client, and on the nfs mounted directories at the same time.

Keep in mind, that now every user who is able to connect to the nfs server, can have all privileges on the not root squashed directorys as listed in /etc/exports!

There are frightening developments concerning internet privacy in India. Read this Article

I have graduated!

I have finaly graduated in Physics on 26.11!


DI means Diplomingeneur, thats the austrian equivalent to Master of science.


Thats me, shortly before the presentation started.